Although Duncan is a young college, we have many great traditions including:

  • Being easily the best college
  • A-Team Study Breaks: Every member of the A-Team will put on study breaks every week so Duncaroos can stop by and unwind from their assignments. There are many new study breaks depending on the season. Some have been established as tradition: Cinnamon Rolls with Bojan & Maggie, special class tastings (coffee, chocolate, wine and beer) with Caleb & Brandy, afternoon Vietnamese coffee and Italian sodas at the HRF apartment, and more.
  • Birthday Dunc’ing: The water feature outside the Duncan commons, (often called the DuncTank) is where Duncaroos are dunc’ed on their birthday.
  • Duncan Week (and Duncan Day): Duncan was officially dedicated as the university’s 11th college on November 19, 2010. In honor of this, we celebrate Duncan Day (Duncan’s birthday) every year. The week leading up to this special holiday is named Duncan Week and includes many fun activities put on by the various Duncan committees.
  • Saving the trees and kicking a**. And we’re all done saving the trees. Jk, environmental conservation is on ongoing international effort to take care of the world that we’ve inherited, and leave it better than we found it to the next generation. Learn how you can help at . Duncan College has no difficulty in being responsible humans and kicking a** at the same time.
  • Donnybrook: an epic nerfgun capture the flag battle, nuff said
  • Duncan Tavern: As a new college, Duncan originally decided to save money by choosing to host its pub night on the Sundeck instead of at Willy’s Pub. Since the Sundeck is clearly a better location, the tradition stuck, and now Duncan has a themed night once per semester with food, drinks, and good company outside on the sundeck.
  • Monday Night Lights: Reminding us of the emphasis Duncan puts on community is the tradition of Monday Night Lights. Students congregate in the quad Monday nights for ping-pong, guitar playing, singing, s’mores, and the enjoyment of fellow duncaroos’ company.
  • Sunfest: an annual music festival on the Sundeck that features campus bands
  • Thirsty Thursday: Every other Thursday, a group of students prepare milkshakes and fun for all of those who attend. It’s funded entirely by the Do-Stuff Fund (DSF), a Duncan pot of money just waiting for students to use it to throw events for other Duncaroos.
  • TM;DR: Stands for “This Month; Duncan Reads”. Run by Magisters Caleb & Brandy, every month, Duncaroos are recommended to read a long-form article on a major issue or current topic, and then discuss the article over a free catered Saturday night dinner. Sometimes, cool guests from around campus show up.
  • Woods-TOKC: IN 2014, former Duncan alums James Ragan and his sister Mecklin founded Triumph over Kids Cancer as a way to turn James’s inward batter with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer, outward to enact change. Though James lost his cancer battle in 2014, TOKC continues to raise awareness and funds for pediatric cancer research. Each year, Duncan contributes to TOKC by several fundraisers, including WoodsTOKC, an annual benefit and awareness concert.

In addition, Duncan also hosts two public parties every year: one in the fall semester and one in the spring. A public party is a party hosted by a residential college but is open to all undergraduate students across campus.