2019-2020 Committee Heads

Dani Morgan, 2022 dfm4@rice.edu
Eric Webb, 2022 ezw1@rice.edu
Lila Frenkel, 2022 lbf4@rice.edu

Welcome to Duncan’s Spirit Committee! Spirit Committee’s official email is duncanspirit@gmail.com. Please feel free to email us suggestions, as we are always looking for new ideas on fun things to do with the Duncan Community!

Committee Information

Duncan Spirit Committee focuses on planning many kinds of activities for the Duncan community to enjoy and to build DuncLove. The major events we plan include Duncan Week, Duncan Gala (co-hosted by Associate’s Committee), and Roobilation in the Fall, and DuncSkate in the Spring. Additionally, once a month we have Monday Night Lights. Descriptions of these events can be found below.

Duncan Week and Duncan Gala

Duncan Week is held each year during the week of Duncan’s Birthday: November 19th. The week is full of activities, finally ending with Duncan Carnival and Duncan Gala on the Friday of that week. Duncan Carnival is a fun-filled afternoon spent in the quad. Duncaroos come down and enjoy snacks and awesome things such as an actual dunk tank.

Duncan Gala follows the carnival that night. It is a very classy affair to celebrate Duncan and its people featuring things like an amazing birthday cake and champagne and sparkling cider. All of the Duncan Associates are invited to share a delicious dinner with us, in which silly awards called the Dunc-ees are given out and we eat a ton of cake.


Roobilation is Duncan’s Annual Holiday party! Everyone gathers in the Commons for food, fun, and general merriment. We watch holiday movies including classics such as Elf and the Rugrats Hanukkah Special, and do traditional holiday activities like build gingerbread houses and play dreidel.


DuncSkate is when the Duncan family rents out the ice rink at the Galleria and hangs out. Traditionally held at the end of the spring semester, it’s a great way to mingle with fellow Duncaroos before finals and summer break. No skating skills are necessary, just the ability to have fun.

Friday in the Quad (FITQ)

Friday in the Quad (FITQ) occurs twice a month on Friday afternoons after classes end. In the quad, students come to hang out, play games, and enjoy snacks with their fellow Duncaroos. It is a great way for students to come together and de-stress after finishing their week of classes!

Monday Night Lights

Monday night lights happens one Monday each month. A makeshift ping pong table is fashioned using tables and toilet paper rolls as the net, just as it was done on the original September 2010 night when this tradition was introduced. Duncaroos come down to the quad, bringing their guitars to play ping pong, some music, and eat delicious s’mores.


Ocassionally, Duncan challenges other residential colleges, particularly McMurtry and Baker, to a friendly game of dodgeball in the commons. Those other wimpy colleges can’t handle our dodgeball skills, and we dominate every time. It’s a great study break and a great way to show the amazing teamwork we have here at Duncan.