2019-2020 Committee Heads

Emma Donnelly, 2022
Noah Masimore, 2020
Blaise Willis, 2022

Hey Duncan! As your socials committee we are so excited to help put together fun events throughout the year that get all Duncaroos involved in our community and help showcase Duncan to other colleges. This year we will organize fall and spring college nights, DuncStep on November 2nd and Sensation in the spring semester. We always love any input or help on current or possible events so feel free to reach out to use through email at

Borrowing Equipment

We have several pieces of equipment that Duncan students may borrow, such as keg shells, keg taps, and coolers.  If you are looking for items such as speakers and/or stage lighting, then you should contact Duncan’s Director of Technology.

If you would like to borrow something, then contact one of the Socials Heads.  You will be expected to return all equipment in a timely manner, and in the same condition in which you received it.  If you break or lose something, then you must reimburse Duncan Socials for the cost of the item.


Duncan College’s annual public party in the fall semester.  It is unique in that it is Rice’s only dry public party, meaning no alcohol is served, and intoxicated individuals are not permitted entry.  DuncStep has a country-western two-stepping theme, with dance lessons preceding the party. So don’t worry if you think you can’t two-step (because you totally can!). From country line dances to a mechanical bull outside the Duncan commons that awaits its challengers, DuncStep will cause you to unleash your inner Texan and have a blast!

The first DuncStep was held in November 2011.  The year before, Duncan held “Dunceranza,” a prom themed event in lieu of the Rice event “Esperanza.”  Due to limited numbers of tickets, many Duncan students were not able to attend Esperanza, and so put on their own version instead.  The following year, it evolved into DuncStep.  The name “DuncStep” was chosen to reflect the two-stepping theme, and was a play on the word “dubstep,” which is a genre of music that was particularly popular at Duncan during the 2011-2012 academic year


Duncan College’s annual public party in the spring semester.  It is based off of “Sensation,” an international concert series with themes that change yearly, with the most recent onces being “Into the Wild,” and “The Legacy”.  The “Sensationg” concert series originated in 2000 and has since been held at numerous venues in Europe and South America, and more recently in North America. The series’ unofficial debut came in 2012 at New York, though in reality, “Sensation” had debuted in North America long before this: Duncan College had already held its own version three times before New York’s premier event!  Duncan’s Sensation event includes a completely transformed commons with blacked out windows and an insane light display, the best DJ’s on campus (all Duncan students) playing a mixture of electronic and Top 40 music, and all the fun you can have!  Sensation is unique in that the commons stay completely packed until the end time of 2:00AM!

“Sensation: The Whiteout” originated as Duncan’s public party during Duncan College’s first year of existence.  The theme was influenced by the fact that the Orientation Week theme for that year was “The Kids Want TechnO-Week.”  Everyone wear white clothing. The first Sensation was held in February 2010.

College Night

A day full of activities designed to celebrate Duncan College, held once per semester.  It is quite a misnomer, as it begins in the morning and typically ends several hours after dinner.  College Nights revolve around a theme, and past themes at Duncan have included Super Smash Bros., Disney, Woodstock, the 2012 presidential election, and little kid birthday party.  Common activities on college night include a slip n’ slide or other inflatables, a barbecue in the quad, attending classes in costume, and more! And it’s not a true Duncan college night without a petting zoo! Exotic animals such as llamas, marsupials, and a monkey in a diaper have all made appearance at the infamous Duncan college night.

Duncan College’s per semester event in lieu of a pub night.  Tavern is typically held on the Duncan Sundeck, and is a great way to unwind from classes in a relaxed environment with all your friends.  Tavern usually includes chill music, a chocolate fountain, and an absurd number of pizza rolls.  Themes usually influence decor much more than outfits, and past themes have included St. Patrick’s Day, Tiki Tavern, Ides of March, Club Hollywood, and Yacht Club.