Room Reservations Form

Scroll down for the Duncan Room Reservation form! You can use the calendar below to see if the room you would like is available.

NOTE: THE GREEN ROOM IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR RESERVATION. It’s currently being reformed, and if you make a reservation for it you will not be able to use the space.

We have a new automated reservation system, EGAN (Externally Grafted, Automated by Nerds)! It was built by Zach Gramstad, Duncan class of ’18. If you have any problems scheduling, reach out to us at

PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT YOUR RESERVATION FOR MANUAL APPROVAL IF IT ACTUALLY NEEDS IT. If it’s manually approved your reservation may conflict with another existing one, which is a headache for everyone, and by the time we manually approve it someone else may have taken your time slot. It also makes the calendar look wonky.

Your reservation doesn’t have a higher chance of going through if its manually approved- the opposite is true, I will be even harsher. Let EGAN do its thing.

If you made a recurring reservation from the previous semester, you MUST resubmit a form for manual approval to have the recurring reservation for the new semester.

Note: The projector in the PDR is working again! Go crazy