Resident Associates

The Resident Associates (RAs) assist the magister(s) in supporting the social, cultural, and intellectual activities within the college. The primary goal of every RA is to provide support to the magister in the smooth and effective running of the college. RAs encourage and contribute actively to the intellectual, cultural, and social life of the college, develop clear understandings of university policies and procedures, including emergency response protocols, and assist the college magister and other university officials in responding to students in need. Living among the students, the RAs are in a unique position to be positive community facilitators, role models and to provide guidance and leadership to college members. The specific role that any particular RA plays within the college varies with each individual RA.

Meet Myron and Courtney (3rd Floor RAs)

Hey Duncaroos! We are Courtney and Myron, the third floor RAs! We made our way to Houston from Massachusetts almost five years ago when Myron got a job at NASA as a Flight Controller for the International Space Station.
Courtney works at Rice as the Social Sciences Coordinator.

We met at a small prep high school in Worcester, MA, then Courtney went to Emerson College in Boston where she majored in Journalism and played for their women’s soccer team.  Myron attended Embry-Riddle University in Daytona Beach, FL where he majored in Aerospace Engineering and played Ultimate Frisbee.  Once Myron got his job at NASA, he bribed Courtney to move to Houston with a cute puppy named Leroy. We got married in Providence, RI in August of 2015 and since then we’ve been living the newlywed life.

You will find us taking long walks around the Rice campus, cheering on Duncan intramural sports teams (and maybe playing in a few games), and trying out new restaurants in Houston.  We also love to exercise, enjoy traveling, and are both avid readers.  This is our third year as RAs, and we look forward to hosting study breaks including game nights and movie nights.  Feel free to stop by our apartment on the third floor and let us know if you have any suggestions.  Leroy is an adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and has never met a person he doesn’t love (squirrels are a different story). You can follow his adventures on Instagram @TinyLeroy.

Meet Bojan and Maggie (2nd Floor RAs)

Hello Duncaroos! We’re thrilled about the opportunity to meet you all. After all, this is the best part of being an RA – to be able to make connections with amazing people like yourselves, to share experiences, influence lives and hopefully grow as individuals in the process. We think you’ll soon discover that we’re both very social and love having friends around.

We both grew up in Poland and that’s also where we met. After a few months of living on different continents (Bojan was already living in Michigan) we’ve agreed that we should not be oceans apart and decided to live together in the US and pursue our passions here. Bojan is the Assistant Coach for the Rice Men’s Tennis Team. As a matter of fact, most of his life revolves around tennis and athletics as he’s played tennis competitively since he was 7, and still competes on a semiprofessional club tour in Germany during the summer. After graduating from Texas Tech University with a degree in Personal Financial Planning, he decided to stick with his passion and traveled around the world on a tennis pro tour for a couple of years. The next step was a coaching position at Western Michigan University where he also pursued his MBA degree. But when the opportunity came to move to Houston and coach for the mighty Owls, no time was wasted to make the decision.

Maggie has a Master’s degree in Public Administration but her true passion and talents always lay in arts and design. After a couple of years of office work, she has decided to pursue a career in what she loves, has completed a degree in Interior Design, and now works as a designer in Houston. As you come and visit us on the 2nd floor, you will surely see her working on new drawings and designs that will make your imagination go wild about how your dorm room could look like.

We’re excited to have you over and share some food, drinks and things we enjoy. If it’s a Sunday, you can be sure there will be some football action on a big screen (Bojan claims to be the biggest American football fan from Europe). And if you enjoy design, fashion and style, you won’t be disappointed either as this is Maggie’s kingdom. Most importantly though, you can always count on a real conversation and an honest opinion – we value sincerity and openness above all.