Representatives are students who are chosen to represent our college (or a section of our college) to various organizations at Rice. Representatives are chosen every spring. Election information will be sent to your Rice email address through the Duncan mailing list.

Class Representatives

Class reps have been chosen by their classmates (by popular vote) to represent their interests to the Duncan forum.

2019-2020 Class Reps


Alyssa Curry, 2020
Mackenzie Flanagan, 2020


Hunter Adams, 2021
Preetham Bachina, 2021


Shreyah Mohanselvan, 2022
Jared Perkowski, 2022


Ahn Nguyen, 2023
Ben Thomas, 2023

Honor Council Rep

Sean Olsen, 2020

University Court Rep

Zakaria Cherif, 2022

Addition Representatives and Positions

These students have been elected (by popular vote) or appointed by executive forum to represent Duncan’s interests to other organizations at Rice.

Alumni Reps

Haelee Chin, 2020
Dhruv Nandakumar, 2021
David Ikejani, 2022
Elena Komiya, 2021

Eco Reps

Autumn Engebreston, 2021
Ji Won Kim, 2021

H&D Rep

Preetham Bachina, 2021


Karen Okoroafor, 2022
Channing Wang, 2022
Priyansh Lunia, 2021
Daniel Han, 2022
Christina Tan, 2020

Kitchen Rep

Alexis Lightbourn, 2020

Laundry Reps

Ayo Akin, 2021
Freddie Wang, 2021

Merchandise Reps

Mary Haws, 2022
Charles Dwight, 2022
Ross Bechtel 2022
Zakaria Cherif, 2022

OC Reps

Mykia Washington, 2021
Allison Taffet, 2021

Rice Program Council (RPC) Rep

Isabella Osuna, 2021

Service Reps

Kiujoy Kokko, 2020
Mackenzie Flanagan, 2020

Sports Reps

Frank Fu, 2021
Carlos Lopez III, 2020

Technical Directors

Serene Chen, 2021
Priyansh Lunia, 2021


Arjun Peddireddy, 2021
Sarah Jin, 2021

Duncan Councils

Diversity and Inclusion Council

Council Head: Samantha Fuentes,

Duncan’s Diversity and Inclusion Council was established in 2019 with the mission of embracing the many identities and backgrounds that form our community. The council exists to provide resources and a platform to every member of our college. Through events such as panels, movie screenings, affinity groups, and office hours, the council seeks to foster inclusivity. 

Environmental Council

Council Head: Ji Won Kim,