There are many people (both adults and students) at Duncan who are committed to making your college experience the best it can be.

College Magisters

Duncan College’s Magisters are Brandy and Caleb McDaniel. Caleb is an associate professor in the Department of History and teaches courses on nineteenth and twentieth century American history. His particular research interests are in the history of slavery and abolition, the American Civil War, and digital history. Brandy is a former teacher of high school American and World history and will be using her pedagogical knowledge to co-teach the COLL300 course this fall. They have one little girl, Ellery, who loves to read and a little boy named Carter, who loves meeting new people while parading around in his rain boots!

Resident Associates (RAs)

Maggie Pamula and Bojan Szumanski are our 2nd floor RAs, and Myron and Courtney are our 3rd floor RAs. Although they are faculty members that live among the students, they are much more like big brothers and sisters. They are not here to make sure you do your homework or go to bed on time, but rather act as a support system. They also host various themed study breaks throughout the week! You’re sure to feel welcome here at Duncan!

Head Resident Fellows (HRFs)

Duncan is one of the few colleges who have HRFs in addition to RAs. Our HRFs are Noe Perez and Jenifer Bratter and they live in the first-floor HRF apartment. Noe currently works as an independent research consultant in the areas of health and education, while Jenifer is a professor in the Sociology department.  They have two little boys, Ricardo and Sam who love video games, 80s karaoke, and climbing trees (and there’s plenty of those to go around at Duncan)!

College Coordinator

Meet Ms. Woods, our amazing College Coordinator. She’s here to help you with everything from mail to packages to “life-cons.” You can send/receive mail as well as packages through her office, which is always stocked with candy.


Associates are Rice faculty, Rice staff, or Houston community members who become affiliated with a residential college and serve as mentors to undergraduates. Many of them will eat lunch at Duncan, host information or social events for Duncaroos, and are always willing to get to know you and advise you from a non-undergraduate perspective.

Academic Fellows

A member of Duncan who offers additional help on certain subjects ranging from FWIS and Writing to General Chemistry and Physics.

Peer Academic Advisors (PAAs)

Students at Rice who are trained by the Office of Academic Advising (OAA) to give advice on academic planning, graduation requirements, and Rice’s academic rules.

Rice Health Advisors (RHAs)

A member of Duncan College selected and trained in basic first-aid and mental health situations.