O-Week is a week-long welcome to all things Rice University and Duncan College. It is meant to give you a social and academic foundation for not only your first year but also the rest of your time at Rice. While it may seem excessive to have an entire week dedicated towards just academic and social integration into college, we’ve planned a bunch of events and activities to help you smoothly transition into Rice! Between all the different events and activities throughout the week, you will get experience the culture and resources Rice and Duncan College have to offer. 

At the beginning of the week, you will meet your Advisors and the other New Students in your O-Week group and get to know one another. You’ll also get introduced to Duncan’s Adult Team (the A-Team) and other Duncan-affiliated professors and faculty. These will form a foundation of connections, resources, and (most importantly) lasting friendships that you can build upon as you transition into Rice and Duncan.

Throughout the week, you’ll meet not only other New Students and Advisors within other O-Week groups, but also students across campus as well as faculty and staff who will be resources available to you for your entire career at Rice.  About half the week is dedicated to helping you plan your academics. This takes the form of class registration help, one-on-one meetings with professors, academic exploration fairs, and advising sessions with your wonderful Peer Academic Advisors! The remainder of the week is meant to immerse you in the unique cultures and traditions that Duncan and Rice have built over the years.

By the end of the week, you will not only be familiar with the plethora of resources Rice and Duncan have to offer, but also the values upon which these resources are based.. One of Duncan’s  mottos is “Somos Equipo, Somos Familia” (SESF), which means “We are a team, we are a family;” this summarizes the interactions you will have with people within Duncan. We live together, learn together, laugh together, and most of all support each other unconditionally in our efforts both as students and as people. It has been ten years since Duncan was founded, and while there are a lot of fun traditions and events that have already been built, you, as a new Duncaroo, will be able to create new ones during your time here at Rice! 

We know that this might sound like a lot to introduce to you in one week, but we want to emphasize that each of the different events will help you understand a different aspect of Rice, whether it is an energetic rally or an academic planning session. In the end, our goal is to make your first experience at Rice and Duncan both exciting and comfortable.