O-Week Coords

Sarah Jin

As you are reading this, Sarah is probably taking a nap or playing puzzle games on her phone, but she will pull herself out from under her blankets at any ungodly hour to help the people she cares about. Whether it’s being a comforting ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, or just a crushing bear hug, this California girl (she insists she’s not stereotypical but she loves avocados and acai bowls so…) is prepared to shirk all her other responsibilities just to make you smile. Outside of her lack of a normal sleep schedule, you can find Sarah in Duncan Commons procrastinating her readings for her Political Science and Psychology double major, the Design Kitchen creating prototypes for her Engineering Design minor, the East-West Tea kitchen brewing up some boba, or (this is new!) walking backwards around campus trying not to forget her routine while giving tours! In any case, there are currently three fail-safe ways into the big heart of this sweet, empathetic nerd: letting her comfort you through your tough times and existential crises, sharing an interest in any of her “Big Five” fandoms (Parks and Rec, the Office, Marvel, Pokemon, and Harry Potter), or buying her Lay’s Kettle-Cooked Jalapeño Chips. Definitely get to know her. You’ll find a thoughtfully caring, and amazingly sweet friend in Sarah, and we’re all so lucky to have her pouring her love into Ready, Set, GO-Week.

Cordy McJunkins

With his trademark look of Beats headphones, slides with socks (no bare feet, ever), and no less than seven (7) Nike swooshes on his person at any given time, Cordy McJunkins might seem like the most intimidating person north of the Rice Sallyport. He’ll probably glare us down with his patented Neutral Look Of Disapproval™ if we call him a teddy bear…so we won’t. We will, however, say that his 5’11 brawn is home to a heart of gold, a trillion ideas for bettering the world around him, and a not-unwarranted love for chocolate-flavored desserts. When he’s not busy with *takes a deep breath in preparation* his three majors, chasing people down as Duncan’s Legislative Vice President, pulverizing the courts with the club tennis team, conducting psychology research on stereotype threat, chauffeuring his friends around Houston, or, of course, making “one last improvement” to Ready, Set, GO-Week, don’t be afraid to approach him! Have a chat over a pint of Talenti Fudge Brownie gelato or a boba run in his pickup truck — there’s a 100% guarantee that you’ll come away from it changed for the better. 
P.S. He’s heard the “Cordy the Coord” joke too many times since we started in January. Do NOT mention “Cordy the Coord”

Freddie Wang

If you see an Adidas-clad figure snoring away on the couch in Duncan Commons, don’t freak out! It’s just Freddie “Lives in the Commons” Wang (he has a laser-cut plaque certifying this title). When he’s not napping at the most absurd times, he’s grinding away at his Computer Science assignments, watching Netflix shows on 3x speed (at the bare minimum), or trying to convince you that Red Bull “isn’t really that bad.” This Dallas native is passionate about everything, from ice-skating to coming up with the most outlandishly terrible puns to opening bananas by flinging them by the stem. If you’re having any kind of issue, Freddie is there with a band-aid for your paper cut, an Advil for your headache, and your boba order, memorized from when you offhandedly mentioned it four days ago. His thoughtfulness for others is only rivaled by his penchant for sticking his tongue out in every single photo and his unshaken belief that cups would be much more ergonomic and effective if they were wider at the base than the mouth (ask him about it if you have 20 minutes to spare). He’s goofy but deep, minutely perceptive, will always have your back, and (most importantly) is incredibly excited to share Ready, Set, GO-Week with you!

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