Magisters Accessibility Fund Form

Hello Duncaroos! The Magisters’ Accessibility Fund is a resource to ensure monetary or financial limitations are not barriers to participation at Duncan or at Rice. If an expense is resulting in you being excluded from an activity or experience, fill out the following form to apply for funds. After submission, you will hear back from the Duncan Magisters.

A few examples of the kinds of costs that have been covered in the past:

* You need help paying for commencement regalia or your Duncan stole
* You were cast in a play on campus but need some funds to cover your costume expenses
* A group of your roommates is going on a rock-climbing outing, and you need funds to participate

These are just examples; this is not an exhaustive list. Even if your case is not eligible for the Magisters’ Fund, this form can serve to put you in contact with other offices or organizations on campus that could cover the cost, so do not hesitate to fill this out!

If you prefer, you can also email us at

Follow this link