What is the mailing address for Duncan students?

Student Name
1601 Rice Boulevard
Houston, TX 77005

How can I contact the adult team at the college?

You can call the college coordinator’s office at (713) 348-4647.

How do I send an email to everyone at Duncan using the listserv?

You can send a message to duncancollege@mailman.rice.edu using your @rice.edu email address. Your message will have to be approved before it shows up.

How can I reserve a room or public space?

Fill out the Room Reservation Form under the Resources Tab.

Who do I contact if there are problems with my room?

You should contact housing services.
Email: work@rice.edu
Phone: (713) 348-5445
Web: Campus Housing

Where is Duncan located on Rice campus?

Duncan is located next to McMurtry College on the northeast side of campus. Notable buildings next to Duncan include Duncan Hall, Abercrombie Engineering Laboratory, and Herman Brown Hall.

What entrance should I use to get to Duncan?

Duncan is easily accessed through Rice Entrance 23 on the outer loop.

What are the rooms like?

Duncan is the newest college and the rooms are among some of the best at Rice. Doubles have 2 desks, 2 sets of drawers, 2 beds, a personal shower, an open closet, and most importantly, abundant space. Singles are essentially the same except the furnishings are for one person and the bathroom is located outside the room. Suites, both open and closed, consist of a group of singles with a common room.

We also provide an online tour of Duncan. See the Duncan Dorm Tour under the O-Week tab.

What does Duncan look like?

Duncan has five floors of rooms that encompass the quad, a central area with picnic tables and a swing. The fifth floor is called the Sundeck on which people can relax in the many lawn chairs and stare out over downtown Houston. Duncan also includes a Game Room, a TV room, a huge Commons, a classroom, a movie room, a computer room, a music room, and most importantly, the DuncTank.

Are there any major traditions at Duncan?

Duncan hosts several large parties:

  • DuncStep: a country-western themed dry party held every fall that features two-stepping and a mechanical bull.
  • Sensation: a party similar to the Sensation events held around the world. Sensation is held every spring and features dance music, flashing lights, and a sea of people united by one thumping beat.

For more information about public parties, refer to the Public Parties page under the About tab.

Duncan has several notable traditions:

  • Duncan Tavern: rather than having pub nights, Duncan creates a taven on the Sundeck for one night every semester.
  • Monday Night Lights: on Mondays, Duncaroos gather in the quad late at night to enjoy a makeshift ping pong table, guitar music, and smores.
  • Sunfest: an annual music festival on the Sundeck that features campus bands.
  • Thirsty Thursdays: on Thursdays, suites will host a Duncan-wide milkshake and socializing event.
  • The DuncTank: a knee-deep pool located next to the Commons. As part of a tradition, Duncaroos are tossed into it on their birthdays.

For more Duncan traditions, refer to the Traditions page under the About tab.

How does Duncan do in competitions against other colleges?

Even though Duncan is the newest college, we are already extremely competitive in all college competitions. Duncan boasts strong participation rates in all Intramural (IM) sports, especially freshman flag, powderpuff, volleyball, basketball, and floor hockey. For the past few years, Duncan has had top 3 finishes in Beer Bike, with our Women’s Team taking 2nd last year. Duncan is also competitive in the float competition, finishing in the top 3 for the past several years and winning in 2017. As Duncan grows in students, experience, and spirit, it will become a powerhouse in all the competitions on campus.

Who do you talk to if you have problems at Duncan?

Duncan has a plethora of resources available within the college aimed at helping students with all sorts of issues. The Duncan Magister, Dr. Caleb McDaniel, is frequently at lunch and has an open door policy for any students who have concerns. There are also Resident Associates on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Duncan who are very open and great people to talk to. We also have great Head Resident Fellows (HRFs) on the 1st floor. Despite the RAs and HRFs being located on specific floors, they serve as resources for all of Duncan. Duncan also has trained RHAs, or Rice Health Advisors, who provide fellow students with a confidential environment to discuss personal and group issues. Lastly, Duncan students are family, and every person at Duncan is guaranteed to lend an encouraging word and a sympathetic ear for whatever problems there may be.