College Coordinator

The college coordinator is a staff member who serves as a daytime contact for students. The college coordinator typically keeps a 9-5 schedule, and duties include managing the college’s office budget, notifying students about academic deadlines, sorting the mail, and acting as the primary contact between the residential colleges and other university offices. The college coordinator’s office is the nerve center of the college, a main meeting place where students stop by to chat and get answers to questions on everything from how to pay a parking ticket, replace a room key or when to meet important deadlines. The College Office number is 713-348-4647.

Meet Ms. Woods

Hi Duncaroos! I’m Ms. Woods, the College Coordinator for Duncan. I enjoy meeting people, and I have a listening ear and a willing heart. One of the things I look forward to is developing a lasting relationship with all of the students who pass through Duncan College. I have worked at Rice for ten years. Prior to Rice, I had the privilege of working with students, young people, and professional educators. My desire is that each of you pursue your dreams, both academically and socially. There is no limit to one’s personal success, as long as you are true to yourself and respectful of others. Believe in yourself and take the time to learn from others. With each day that passes there is an opportunity to gain wisdom from someone or something.

I am a proud mother of two and proud grandmother of three.

Welcome to the Duncan Family!!!

Services Available in the Coordinator’s Office:

  • Fax Services
  • Postage Services–Buy Stamps, Campus Mailing, Receive or Ship Letters & Packages
  • Temporary Loaner Key for Room Lockouts
  • Dolleys for heavy items
  • Relaxing and Cozy Sitting Area with Music
  • Occasional Study Breaks
  • A Listening Ear
  • Warm Hugs
  • Oh yeah, and sweets & snacks!