Beer Bike

2019-2020 Committee Heads

Alyssa Curry, 2020
Laurel Smith, 2020
Lindsay Josephs, 2021
Jacob Nieto, 2022

Hello Duncan. Look at your favorite holiday, now look at Duncan’s Beer Bike, then back to your favorite holiday. Now accept that Beer Bike is your new favorite holiday.

Beer Bike is the final day of Willy Week that takes place in the Spring semester. Similar to a high school’s homecoming week (but approximately 1,000,000 times better), Willy Week consists of a spirit week for each residential college with activities centered around a theme. The week culminates in a outdoor water balloon fight among the colleges at Founder’s Court followed by bike/water-chugging relay  races. Each college has a theme that is voted on by the college and are historically some play on a popular allusion and/or something related to alcohol. For example, Duncan’s Beer Bike theme for 2016 was “British Ginvasion” which  incorporated both the British Invasion and the alcoholic drink gin. While the theme of Beer Bike may reference alcohol in the title, the activities of Willy Week and Beer Bike are not alcohol-centric.

The Duncan Beer Bike Committee, consisting of four “Beer Bike Coordinators” and several committee members, is the team in charge of this sacred week of festivities. The duties of the committee involve selecting Willy Week activities (like watching Skyfall, filling water balloons and playing Donnybrook), organizing chosen activities, decorating Duncan according to the theme and, most importantly, hyping up the college for the best day of the school year BEEEEEEEERRRRR BIIIIIIKKKKKEEEEE.

The official email address for the Duncan Beer Bike Committee is

Past Beer Bike Themes

2010 Alice in Drunkenland

2011 Crawl of Duty: Drunk Ops

2012 Scooby Brew: Where Am I?

2013 Skyyfall

2014 Long Island Iced Tea Party: No Taxation Without Inebriation

2015 Thomas the Drank Engine: Chugga, Chugga, Choo, Choo

2016 The British Ginvasion: Here Comes the Sungod

2017 Race to the Moonshine: 3, 2, 1 Smirnoff!

2018 Bartoon Network Presents Fosters Home for Inebriated Friends

Beer Bike awaits you! Get pumped!