2019-2020 Committee Heads

Jared Perkowski, 2022
Divine Webber, 2022

Here is your guide to everything Associates related, and if you have more questions, feel free to email

If you are interested in becoming an Associate, please email us at We accept new Associates during the first two months of the Fall and Spring semesters.

Who and what are Associates?

Associates are Rice- and Houston- affiliated adults who have expressed their interest in helping Duncaroos with academics, careers, and life experiences. Each Associate falls under one of the three categories:

Faculty (Rice faculty): Duncan has Faculty Associates from almost all departments at Rice. Our Faculty Associates often participate during O-Week for academic advising, offering advice on course selection and providing insight on what to expect in a certain major.

University (Rice non-faculty employees): Our University Associates are Rice employees who don’t interact with students on a daily basis but still would like to play a role in the residential college system and mentor Duncaroos.

Community (Houston residents): Duncan’s Community Associates all come from different backgrounds and have different careers. Some Community Associates are Rice alumni, but most Community Associates are not affiliated with Rice. By joining Duncan’s  Associates program, they have the opportunity to get to know students and in doing so provide resource and connections to the Houston community that aren’t necessarily available or accessible through Rice.

Our Associates are fantastic and welcoming resources that want to get to know Duncaroos! Every member of our Associates community reached out to Duncan and have made themselves available for you, so there’s no need to be intimidated to reach out to them.

To view the full list of our wonderful Associates, visit the Associates tab.

What do we do with our Associates?

O-Week Associates Dinners: Associates host an O-Week group for dinner one evening during O-Week to get to know new students.

Interview & Resume Workshops: Our Associates often provided help with resumes and interviews and are great resources.

Senior Class Cocktail Evenings are a joint effort between the Senior and Associates Committees and takes place during both the fall and the spring. They allow Associates and the senior class to become acquainted in a more intimate setting with wine and hors d’oeuvres.

Duncan Gala (Duncan’s Birthday Celebration + Fall Associates Night) is the biggest Associates event in the Fall and is a joint effort between the Spirit and Associates Committees. Duncan Gala was created Fall 2012 to incorporate Associates into Duncan’s birthday festivities to provide them a better understandign about Duncan’s culture and traditions. The evening consists of a formal sit-down dinner in the commons, awards, and entertainment.

Study Breaks: Our Associates are kind enough to contribute their efforts to ensure that Duncaroos are happy during finals. Past study breaks have included yoga, movies, and lots and lots of baked goods and comfort food.

Beer Bike BBQ: Every year Associates join Duncaroos the Friday before Beer Bike (BEEEEEEEEER BIIIIIIIIKE) to celebrate the wondrous Rice tradition with a cook-out in the quad.

Spring Associates Night: In the Spring, Duncan and Associates gather together one last time for a formal evening to look back at the past year and celebrate all that has been accomplished. Awards are given out to Duncaroos and Associates who have gone above and beyond.

If you have any ideas for an Associates event, don’t hesitate to send us an email!