Head Resident Fellow


The Head Resident Fellows (HRF) bear the same responsibilities as Resident Associates. HRFs make continual effort to know the members of their college, be accessible to and serve as a first point of contact for all students within the college, and help them understand and access university resources. They encourage and contribute actively to the intellectual, cultural, and social life of the college, develop a clear understanding of university policies and procedures, including emergency response protocols, and assist the College Magisters in responding to students in need. HRFs have particular responsibility for paying special attention to the experience of first-year students in the college. They serve as advisors to and principal contacts for new students and play an integral role in college and university programs designed to assist students’ transition to life at Rice.


Jenifer and Noe have lived in Houston for nearly 15 years – They met at the University of Texas in 1998, fell in love and moved to Philadelphia.  They were married in 2002, after Jenifer started teaching at the University of Houston.  In 2006, Jenifer started teaching at Rice, where she’s been teaching ever since.  She is a transplant from New York, born and raised in Brooklyn.  She earned her BA in Psychology from Penn State University, and an MA and PhD in Sociology at the University of Texas.

Noe is a native Texan and grew up in Pearland, just south of Houston. He received a BA in Psychology from the University of Texas and an MA in Sociology from the University of Houston. He works as an independent research consultant in the areas of education and health.

Noe and Jen share a lot of interests.  He likes cooking, gardening, and fixing up old houses (including their own, which was built in the 1920’s in the Eastwood neighborhood of Houston). Jenifer likes movies, especially documentaries, enjoying Noe’s cooking, museums, music and art.

Their sons, Ricardo and Sam, are really looking forward to meeting you all. Ricardo is probably the world’s biggest American Ninja Warrior fan. When he’s not climbing trees or running, he’s creating origami – please just ask him about it, he loves to share his work!

Sam  loves meeting new people, especially in the commons so we hope you like to chat while getting meals. He also loves listening to music, dancing, and puppies – and Power Rangers and Pokemon!