The Duncan Court is a directly elected student body responsible for communicating and upholding Duncan’s expectations for appropriate student behavior. Inappropriate behavior is defined in the Duncan and Rice codes of conduct, which are available along with the Court proceedings online.

Our goal is to promote a safe and respectful environment. Our functions include proactive measures, enforcement of policy, and responding to student concerns.

Some of the things we do:

  • Informing the College of upcoming events, as well as the rules governing said events
  • Responding to student concerns, such as noise complaints and belligerent peers
  • Identifying safety hazards and working with H&D to keep Duncan in good condition
  • Coordinating caregiving and security at large Duncan events
  • Investigation for Court hearings

Please approach one of us with any concerns, ideas, or questions! We are here to serve Duncan.


Chief Justice

Aaron Shaw (2019) –

 Daniel Balkum (2018) –  Leila Wahab (2018) –
Juliana Wu (2019) – Kevin Zhang (2019) –
Jennifer Fu (2020) –
Shomik Sen (2020) –
Ben Harris (2021) –
Vatsala Mundra (2021) –