Meet Duncan’s amazing Associates! These wonderful people are usually faculty or staff at Rice, and they are all committed to Duncan’s growth. From sitting down with Duncaroos at lunch to leading workshops, Associates are always looking for ways to become involved in Duncan. For more information, contact the¬†Associates Committee Heads.

First Last Email Occupation Type School Of
Adam T. Baker NASA Community
Jennifer Baker-Zucker Lawyer at Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P Community
Michael Barlow Assistant Professor Community
Mary Brandt Baylor College of Medicine Community
Robert (Bob) Brandt Chelsea Architects Community
Lauren Caldarera Community
Jewelette Christopher Director of Development at University of Texas Health Sciences Center Community
Michael T. Dunn Pastor at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Community
Paul Fortunato Associate Prof of English at U of H Community
Scott Gilbertson Professor at MD Anderson Community
Robert Icsezen Lawyer Community
Michael Jackson MindShare, Inc.; Computer Engineering Community
Peter Lee Houston’s First Baptist Church Ministry Associate Community
Carlos Monroy St Thomas Asst Professor Community
Jesus Patino Oceaneering / Jones Business School MBA Community
Lauren E. Spain Educator Community
Rich Spain Community
Suni Sukduang Lawyer Community
Chris C.J. Thompson Online science curriculum developer for Rice University Center for Digital Learning and Scholarship Community
Claudia Vassar Lawyer at Cochran & Baker L.L.P Community
Alia Vinson Lawyer Community
Joy Winkler Entrepreneur/Yoga Instructor Community
Kimberly Yackel Counselor at St Thomas HS Community
Jennifer Bratter Associate Professor of Sociology Faculty SSSC
Ken Cox Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Faculty ENGR
Scott Cutler Professor of Computer Science & ECE Faculty ENGR
Sylvia Dee Assistant Professor of Earth Environment Planetary Sci Faculty SNSC
Amy Dunham Assistant Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Faculty SNSC
Frank Geurts Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy Faculty SNSC
Michelle Gilbertson Lecturer of Chemistry Faculty SNSC
Beatriz Gonzalez-Stephan Prof of Latin American Studies Faculty HUMA
Matthew Hayes Assistant Professor of Political Science Faculty SSSP
Gisela Heffes Associate Professor of Latin American Literature and Culture Faculty HUMA
Illya Hicks Associate Professor of Comp & Applied Mathematics Faculty ENGR
John Hopkins Assistant Professor of Art History and Classical Studies Faculty HUMA
Suzanne Kemmer Director of Cognitive Sciences, Advising coordinator of Linguistics Faculty HUMA
Eden King Assistant Professor-Psychology Faculty SSSC
Peter Lwigale Assistant Professor of Biochemistry & Cell Biology Faculty ENGR
Eleazar Marquez Lecturer Mechanical Engr & Material Science Faculty ENGR
John Mulligan Humanities Research Center Faculty HUMA
Betul Orcan-Ekmekci Mathematics Instructor Faculty SNSC
Paul Otremba Assistant Professor of English and Creative Writing Faculty HUMA
Leonora Paula Assistant Professor of Department of Spanish and Portuguese Faculty HUMA
Yvette Pearson Associate Dean for Accreditation, Assessment, and Strategic Initiatives Faculty ENGR
Heidi Perkins Lecturer of Kinesiology Faculty SNSC
Volker Rudolf Ecology Faculty SNSC
Mark Torres Assistant Professor of Earth Environment Planetary Sci Faculty SNSC
Luziris Turi Spanish Lecturer of Center for the Study of Languages Faculty HUMA
Jesus Vassallo Assistant Professor at School of Architect Faculty ARCH
Stephen Wang Professor at Mathematics Department Faculty SNSC
Melissa Weininger Lecturer and Undergrad Advisor, Jewish Studies Faculty HUMA
Matthew Wettergreen Lecturer in Engineering; focus on Bioengineering and ENGI 120 Faculty ENGR
Michael Wong Professor of Chemistry & Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Faculty SNSC
Ari Bard Assistant Director of Marketing-Athletics University
Matt Barnett Research Application Developer of Computer Science University
Myron Clemence RA University
Debbie Diamond Director of Special Projects in Resource Development University
Shauna Dunn Program Administrator for Sociology University
Susann Glenn Manager of Communications of Facilities Engineering and Planning University
Marthe Golden Asst Vice President, Alumni Relations University
Denver Greene Digital Media Specialist of Elec & Comp Engineering University
Mike Jackson IMPACT University / Community
Richard Johnson Director of Sustainability University
Kazimir Karwowski Kaz Karwowski Executive Director at Rice Center for Engineering Leadership University
Amy Kavalewitz Associate Director of the OEDK University
Zane Konvicka Internal Auditor University
Ken Liddle Director of Compliance University
Raj Mankad Editor-Cite Rice Design Alliance University
Magdelena Pamula RA University
Noe Perez HRF University
Milton Pinzon-Cancino Team Group Fitness Instructor of Recreation Programs University
Emily Rushton Rice–Chi Alpha Ministry University
Katharine Shilcutt Media Relations Specialist Public Affairs Dept University
Lisa Spiro executive director of Digital Scholarship Services University
Courtney Stefancyk Social Sciences Coordinator/RA University
Alan Steinberg Associate Director of Houston Programs and Partnerships University
Bojan Szumanski RA University
Pamela Traylor GS and Research Admistrator of Brown School of Engineering University
David Vassar Senior Assistant to President in President’s Office University
Jan F. West Associate Director of Public Affairs University
Vicki Woods College Coordinator–Duncan College University
Etienne Ackerman Grad Fellows
All Added 9/2/2016
Joseph Alexis Grad Fellows
Marek Buchman Grad Fellows
Katie Clements Grad Fellows
Thomas Clements Grad Fellows
Christopher Ellison Grad Fellows
Erica Hange Grad Fellows
Adithya Perdiredla Grad Fellows
Ian Robertson Grad Fellows
Jordan Shivers Grad Fellows
Carolyn Van Wingerden Grad Fellows
Jack Wang Grad Fellows
Ally Bremer Class 2015 Duncan Alumni
Estevan Delgado Class 2013 Duncan Alumni