Peer Resources

Duncan has a wide variety of academic and health-related resources, including:


Stuck on chemistry homework? Don’t quite know how to start your physics suggested problems? Are you totally lost in Math 102— and you have a test in three days? The Academic Fellows are here to help!

Each residential college has an Academic Fellows or Mentors Society: an honorary service organization dedicated to enhancing the academic life in the college. Academic Fellows at Duncan are sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have been chosen to help you for their GPA, good judicial standing, and commitment to mentoring. They can help you with anything, from studying for midterms or revising a big paper to providing advice on subject-specific internships and other extracurricular activities. You can find more information about the Academic Fellows program in this short video and on the Office of Academic Advising’s webpage.

At Duncan, your Academic Fellows provide free academic assistance on a regular basis through advertised review sessions, “office hours” in the college commons, and individual tutoring by request. You can also find the Duncan Fellows at our bi-weekly “Coffee in the Commons” help sessions on Sunday nights. Be sure to check out the Duncan Fellows for updates on office hours, academic enrichment activities, and other events. In the past, we have hosted freshman seminars, mid-semester grade check-ins in collaboration with the Duncan PAAs, a summer opportunities fair, and study breaks throughout the school year.  Feel free to contact them, and don’t be afraid to ask for help! You can also reach out to Head Fellows Reagan Kapp, Zach Gramstad, or Cyna Shirazinejad if you would like for them to assist in matching you with a student in your major or subject area. We look forward to working with you!

The 2018-19 Academic Fellows are as listed:

Elizabeth Asonye (Head Fellow)
Kinesiology; Hispanic Studies
Preetham Bachina
Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Mathematics
Katherine Cohen
Autumn Engebretson (Head Fellow)
Mathematical Economic Analysis, Statistics, Managerial Studies
Jennifer Fu
English, Anthropology
Zach Gramstad (Head Fellow)
Computer Science
Brandon Johnson
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Akshay Kalyan
Civil Engineering
Namanh Kapur
Computer Science
Isabel Kilroy
Cognitive Sciences
Ricky Lozoya
Biological Sciences
Priyansh Lunia
Cordy McJunkins
Hannah Miller
Jonathan Pang
Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Mackenzie Parker
Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Bilal Rehman
Noah Reich
Computational and Applied Mathematics; Mathematical Economic Analysis
Paula Rescala
Maria Salazar
Stephanie Scoville
Environmental Science
Allison Taffet
Biological Sciences, English
Ray Wang
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Daniel Zhong
Biochemistry and Cell Biology


O-Week PAA’s

O-Week PAA’s are on hand during all of O-Week to talk to and to help incoming students find a schedule. They facilitate all O-Week academic events and help with any academic questions regarding registration and your first year at Rice. They serve as a liaison between incoming students, the Office of Academic Advising, the divisional advisors, etc., and introduce incoming students to the various academic advising resources on campus.Year-long PAA’s

Year-long PAA’s are on hand throughout the school year and have been broadly trained in numerous areas of academics here at Rice. Generally speaking, the Duncan PAA team coordinates numerous group and individual activities to strengthen academic vitality. Some common things that they help with include questions about general graduation requirements, specific classes, research opportunities, studying abroad, professional school requirements, and really any topic as it relates to academics. Even if a particular PAA cannot answer each and every detailed question, they can at least serve as a helpful resource to point students in the right direction of someone else that can. We believe that academics, learning, and especially advising are all ongoing dynamic conversations that involve multiple perspectives and not just a prescription for registrations, so never stop asking questions!

The 2018 – 19 PAAs are as listed:


Ashton Duke
Mechanical Engineering, Business minor, Rice Center for Engineering Leadership Certificate, pre-business | Class of 2019
Adrianna Jones
Biochemistry and Cell Biology, pre-med | Class of 2019
Erika Schumacher
English; Political Science; Politics, Law, and Social Thought minor; pre-graduate school | Class of 2019


Mimi Baker
Political Science, Sociology; Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities minor, pre-law | Class of 2021
Arjun Peddireddy
Psychology, Biochemistry and Cell Biology minor, pre-med | Class of 2021
Brianna Satow
Music, Psychology, pre-law, pre-grad | Class of 2021


Emily Ashkin
Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Anthropology minor, pre-grad | Class of 2019
Autumn Engebretson
Statistics, Economics, Business minor, pre-business, pre-grad | Class of 2021
Jennifer Fu
English, Sociology, pre-law | Class of 2020
Mukund Iyer
Biochemistry and Cell Biology, pre-grad | Class of 2019
Sarah Jin
Political Science, Psychology, pre-law, pre-grad | Class of 2021
Brandon Johnson
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Chemistry | Class of 2020
Shree Kale
Architecture, Anthropology minor | Class of 2020
Isabel Kilroy
Cognitive Science, Medical Humanities, pre-med, pre-grad | Class of 2020
Cordy McJunkins
Political Science, Psychology, Economics, pre-law, pre-grad | Class of 2021
Axel Ntamatungiro
Neuroscience, Biochemistry and Cell Biology minor, pre-med | Class of 2021
Jonathan Pang
Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Medical Humanities minor, pre-med | Class of 2020
Mackenzie Parker
Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Medical Humanities minor, pre-med | Class of 2019
Bilal Rehman
Philosophy, pre-med | Class of 2020
Gregory Sercombe
Computer Science, Managerial Studies, Business minor, pre-business | Class of 2020
Allison Taffet
Biological Sciences, English, Spanish certificate, pre-med | Class of 2021
Kevin Zhang
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering | Class of 2019


What are Rice Health Advisors?

Rice Health Advisors (RHAs) provide basic first aid and health supplies (bandages, pain relievers, ear plugs, condoms, etc…) to members of the college.

RHAs are also trained in several areas specific to mental, sexual and emotional health:

  • They are mental health first aid trained and are trained as first responders in mental health crises (such as suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, etc..).
  • They are trained to mediate conflicts, especially with roommate issues. They can help facilitate discussion between roommates to resolve issues and overcome obstacles.
  • They are here to provide general advice about well-being, including relationships, dating, conflict, stress, academic pressure and other related things.
  • They are bound to CONFIDENTIALITY. Anything for which a student goes to an RHA will be kept confidential, with one exception (if the person expresses thoughts about hurting themselves or others or if they describe any possible harm to themselves or others).
  • They are able to discuss sexuality, including sexual activity, sexual health and sexual identity/orientation. They are well-educated about all types and forms of sexual activity and health. And they are all Ally trained and openly advocate for the well-being and advancement of the LGBT community.
  • They are here to generally help students with their college experience and improve their overall well-being. They are well-versed in the resources available on campus to ensure that well-being is optimal for each student

Overall, the Duncan RHAs want to be as accessible to the Duncan community as they can. It is their job to facilitate the improvement of well-being and health both at the college and campus wide. Please don’t hesitate to contact one of them with any concerns, or if you would like to utilize any of them for any of the reasons above (or anything else you think is relevant). They LOVE all of you and want you to be happy and healthy.

You can email them at with any questions or concerns, or approach one of them whenever!

The 2018-19 Rice Health Advisors are as listed:

Akshaya Santhanaraj (Head RHA)
Alyssa Curry
Claudia Xian
Juliana Wu
Preetham Bachina
Mackenzie Flanagan
Hoang Vu
Ricardo Lozoya


STRIVE Coalition is a dedicated group of students who have come together to address sexual and domestic violence on campus. The Coalition is made up of an executive board, STRIVE liaisons to colleges, STRIVE liaisons to graduate programs, STRIVE representatives in a variety of student groups, and volunteers. The Coalition is advised by the Office of Sexual Violence Prevention and Title IX Support.Liaisons both to the colleges and the graduate programs are specially trained students who host prevention activities and seek to support students by providing information about resources available on and off campus.

The 2018-19 STRIVE Liasions are as listed:

Sophie D’Amico
Emily Dickinson