We’re glad you’re interested in learning more about CheeriO-Week 2018! On this page, you can find an introduction to the O-Week Coordinators (Jordan Graves, Erika Schumacher, & Louis Cole–aka JEL) and our Advising Team, who will be the first line of people engaging with the New Students upon their arrival in August. You will also find a short explanation of O-Week and specifically, our reasoning behind this year’s theme “CheeriO-Week: Be Happy, Be Healthy.” Lastly, you can find our virtual tour of Duncan, which has information about living in Duncan’s incredible facilities. Don’t hesitate to email us at duncaroos@gmail.com with any questions or concerns you might have.


Jordan, Erika, Louis (JEL)


O-Week is a week long welcome to all things Rice University and Duncan College. Planned and organized by 3 student Coordinators at each college (that’s us–JEL) alongside Rice faculty members and advising departments. This week is designed to give every New Student a social and academic foundation for both the first year and the rest of a student’s time at Rice. O-Week includes a wide range of events and activities, which roughly will be 50% academic planning and 50% social integration. Between academic planning and petting zoos in the quad, New Students will be able to get a sense of Rice’s culture and Duncan’s community.

Let’s break this down a little more. During CheeriO-Week 2018, New Students at Duncan College will:



O-Week will introduce New Students to the values of Duncan college. Our motto, Somos Equipo, Somos Familia (SESF), means “We are a team, we are a family,” and summarizes the interactions each member of our community has with one another. We live together, learn together, laugh together, and most of all support each other unconditionally in our efforts both as students and as people.

Additionally, Rice has a lot of unique events and traditions planned during O-Week. New Students will proceed through the Sallyport for Matriculation, meet President Leebron, and participate in events across campus to cheer on student athletes and meet other New Students from other residential colleges.


Above all else, Rice’s O-Week experience is unique in that it truly does provide the foundation for your time at Rice, packaged in a fun-and-exciting set of events. While the week might seem full of fun traditions and interactions, there are also super-important moments.

New Students will plan their first semester schedule under the guidance of experienced upperclassmen, faculty members, and specifically a dedicated team of Peer Academic Advisors, so that they can actually get feedback and advice on what to expect from the first semester. In addition, they will get information from many on-campus offices, which opens the link of communication and makes it easy to know who to ask for help. Each New Student has a built-in support system at Duncan – stemming from their 4 Advisors and extending through the whole Advising Team, the Coordinators, the A-Team, and beyond Duncan.