Culture & Arts

2019-2020 Committee Heads

Tiffany Sloan, 2022
Max Lin, 2021
Brianna Satow, 2021

We at Culture & Arts strive to provide Duncaroos with affordable arts opportunities inside and outside of the hedges. We believe that art engagement nourishes our Duncan culture(s) !

Our official email is

What we do

We plan culture nights with food, drink, music, dance, and performances. In the past, we celebrated Caribbean Culture Night, Brazilian Culture Night, and Korean Culture Night.  Get excited for exotic foods you’ve never tried and some that you can’t even pronounce! Feel free to help out if you can as well!

We subsidize tickets to on and off-campus events, such as Dhamaka, the Houston Filipino Festival, and more!

We introduce Duncaroos to the joys of the arts. For example, we’ve hosted painting nights Bob-Ross-style!

We plan Duncan cultural events, such as Mr. Duncan and the famous Duncan Holiday Concert. We love to not only bring other cultures to Duncan, but also to develop Duncan’s own culture!