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2014-2015 Issue:
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Although Duncan is a young college, we have many great traditions including:

  • Monday Night Lights: Reminding us of the emphasis Duncan puts on community is the tradition of Monday Night Lights. Students congregate in the quad Monday nights for ping-pong, guitar playing, singing, s’mores, and the enjoyment of fellow duncaroos’ company.
  • Birthday Dunc’ing: The water feature outside the Duncan commons, (often called the DuncTank) is where Duncaroos are dunc’ed on their birthday.
  • Duncan Week (and Duncan Day): Duncan was officially dedicated as the university’s 11th college on November 19, 2010. In honor of this, we celebrate Duncan Day (Duncan’s birthday) every year. The week leading up to this special holiday is named Duncan Week and includes many fun activities put on by the various Duncan committees.
  • Donnybrook: an epic nerfgun capture the flag battle, nuff said
  • Duncan Tavern: As a new college, Duncan originally decided to save money by choosing to host its pub night on the Sundeck instead of at Willy’s Pub. Since the Sundeck is clearly a better location, the tradition stuck, and now Duncan has a themed night once per semester with food, drinks, and good company outside on the sundeck.

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